Get the opportunity to enrich your soccer and study abroad experience! Italy is one of the top soccer countries in the world. Thanks to the Olympic Management Institute, you will have the opportunity to be part of one of the best soccer realities the world has ever seen, which has made tactics and technique its signature. All this will be offered under the guidance of professional and focused staff and in the best soccer facilities in Rome.


Playing abroad means measuring yourself with a new soccer dimension. Learn and master the soccer style, one of the most famous in the world. In our academy, you will be provided with a professional environment that focuses on the development of the student-athletes. The academy’s goal is to provide a professional soccer environment where you can keep growing as a player and as an individual.


One of the best experiences and opportunities offered by OMI is to do several trials and friendly games with Italian clubs. Thanks to OMI’s club network throughout the Italian peninsula you will have the chance to show off and earn your chances to sign with an Italian club and take your soccer career to the next step.


The Olympic Management Institute coaching staff is absolutely one of our greatest assets. At OMI you will have the opportunity to learn from a highly qualified coaching staff, all UEFA A coaches with experience in the ranks of the most famous Serie A clubs, both in men and women leagues. Our Director of Coaching is Marco Materazzi, World Champion with the Italian National Team in 2006. Antonio Cincotta, Fiorentina Women Coach, is our Academic Director and Italian Soccer Methodology professor.


Rome City F.C. is our professional soccer academy, located a few steps from the main attractions of Rome. Rome City FC allows our student-athletes to continue their individual soccer growth, show all their talent, and learn the secrets of a new soccer dimension. Italian soccer is known for its tactical and technical excellence, two fundamental areas to become a better player. Thanks to our program and Rome City FC our student-athletes have a whole season to improve themselves and to show all their talent to some of the best coaches of the Italian soccer school. Rome City FC offers training in one of the best soccer facilities in Rome, tours of professional facilities, exhibition games against Italian clubs, periodic fitness testing and development reports, and many other opportunities to improve its athletes.