In Italy, rugby is one of the most popular and practice sports. Among the best national teams in Europe, the “Azzurri” participate annually in the prestigious “Six Nations” tournament, competing against Wales, Ireland, Scotland, England, and France. Participation in the tournament has made it possible for the rugby movement in Italy to reach very high levels, offering different possibilities at different levels for those who practice this sport in Italy. Rome is the city with the highest density of rugby clubs within and around the city. Come study and train with professional clubs with us here at OMI. 


Rome has a deep rugby tradition, therefore it offers different possibilities in the area with many clubs at different levels. Through our network, our student-athletes will have the opportunity to showcase themselves in one of the capital’s clubs and begin their Italian career. Among all, OMI boasts a prestigious partnership with Primavera Rugby- one of the most important clubs in Rome- and Daemon Sports Agency, a famous management agency in the Italian rugby scene


Italian rugby has many different types of levels. We work with every level from Serie A all the way to Serie C. We have contacts with top teams including Lazio Rugby 1927 and Fiamme Oro who all play in the top division. And including Capitolina Rugby who has two teams one in Serie A and the other in Serie C. We look to place our athletes in the best situation for them to succeed.


Although rugby is typically considered. Spring/Summer Sport, the Italian season starts in late October and finishes around May with a month-long winter break around the Christmas holidays. The commitment is full, as teams typically practice three times a week and have access to a gym for the players. Games are played once a week on the weekends. 


  • Our first option is a 1-year master’s program which is designed for those who want to pursue a successful career in the sports industry. 
  • Our second option is an undergraduate program. Where OMI & Link Campus University offers the unique opportunity to combine education and sports at the highest level. Through our undergraduate program, you will be able to attend our accredited courses while playing rugby in Italy. 
  • Our third option is the OMI gap year program/semester, which offers the unique opportunity to study and play rugby at a high level in Italy. Participants attend an Italian class and train with a club competing in the Italian Rugby League.


We have a 100% rate signing process. During our application process, the student will be asked to provide specific sporting information which, after evaluation together with our rugby partners, will allow us to understand the qualities of the player and begin to promote them to teams where we believe our student-athletes can perform at the highest level.

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