The Olympic Management Institute works with several companies and organizations that  are always looking for innovative paths to improve the Sports Industry. With our institutional and corporate partners, we create customizable projects that allow us to share know-how and excellences.


We collaborate with corporate partners in the following areas:

Career Service & Professional Placement

Our corporate partners have access to our pool of talents.

Corporate Training & Team Building

We organize customizable training for our corporate partners executives and employees

Scholarship & sponsorship

Corporate partners can help selected student/athletes through participation in our Scholarship Fund. Indeed, the Olympic Management Institute offers financial and merit based scholarships to help our students/athletes paying their expenses.


The Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI), by authority of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), provides discipline, regulation and management of national sports activities.

Our Partners

A.I.A.C Italian Football Coaches Association

A.I.A.C, member of FIGC (Italian Football Federation), is an organization that assist the Italian Football Coaches both Amature and Professiona

A.I.C Italian Football Players Association

A.I.C., member of FIGC, is an association that assist the players of Italian Serie A,B Lega Pro, and amature players.

A.I.P.A.C. Italian Football Trainer Association

A.I.P.A.C. is an organization that assist the Italian Football Trainer both Amature and Professional.

Savino del Bene Volley

Savino del Bene Volley is the most important Women’s volleyball team in Italy. The team competes in the Italian A1 League and CEV Champions League.


Empoli FC is a professional football team located in Empoli (Florence). The club competes in the Men’s Italian Serie A and Women’s Italian Serie B.

Florentia CF

Florentia is a professional women’s football team located in Florence. The club competes in the Italian Serie A.

Il Sole 24 Ore

Il Sole 24 Ore is Italy’s leading business newspaper. Since 1991, Il Sole 24 ORE Business School has developed innovative and specialized business and professional training programs targeted at both young post-graduates as well as executives, managers and professionals.


FFF USA is the leading French College Recruiter based in Paris and New York City.


CSUSA is the leading Scandinavian College Recruiter based in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and UK.


GM is the leading Spanish College Recruiter based in Zaragoza and Madrid.


Sport-Scholarships is the leading German College Sports Recruiter based in Münster and Mönchengladbach.

King’s Talent

King’s Talent is a Dutch College Recruiter based in Eindhoven, Holland.